Why Dance is great for kids?

Dance classes can have powerful benefits for your child. It can nurture your child’s talent and spark your little dancer’s creativity. Creative movement can positively impact a child’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Plus dancing is a fun way to release your energy and excitement! Dance classes can also help a child’s posture and balance, creating good habit formation that will last a lifetime. For kids with boundless energy, dance offers a physical outlet to release that pent-up excitement. This will help parents at home, creating a calmer household.

Dance increases your child’s physical fitness.

Kids who take different dance classes such as ballet, tap, or hip-hop will see an increase in muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina. While eating a balanced meal is important for a child’s health, physical fitness is also important for kids at a young age. When your child is more physically active, he or she is more likely to participate in fun school activities during gym or recess and may make friends through this participation. When kids participate in dance classes and increase their level of physical fitness, they may feel emotionally and mentally more positive. When you exercise, you release chemicals called endorphins that trigger positive feelings. Dance also encourages kids to release their inhibitions and build confidence. Dance classes can help kids develop a more positive self-image. 

Dance classes can help a child’s emotional well-being.

A child’s mood is like a storm cloud that can strike at any time. One minute you might be having fun, the next moment, they might be pouty or even angry. Dancing can help snap them out of it. It’s hard to be a grump when you’re listening to upbeat music and trying out your best moves. The next time your child starts to enter tantrum territory, distract them with dance and see how long it takes before they join in. Dance requires a certain level of focus and practice. Kids can learn to focus their movements, control their emotional energy, and practice to achieve higher goals. These skills will help a child’s emotional well-being in academics as well. Dance may also lead kids to discover other creative outlets such as art, music, or theater. Kids will be inspired to think and move outside the box, to open their imaginations, and to explore creative new worlds.

Dance can improve your child’s social skills

Dance classes encourage kids to interact with other children their own age. Through these interactions, your child will develop new and lasting friendships. Choreography often requires teamwork, patience, and partnership. Kids will learn how to move in a group and synchronize. They will also learn the value of teamwork to achieve goals. With these skills, kids will improve their socialisation. If your child is shy, dance is a beneficial way of building trust and openness. This social activity can help kids break out of their shell, develop their self-esteem, and improve their communication skills.

It is a great socialisation tools.

Dance classes give more than just formal instruction. They are a place where like minds can come together to explore something they both love. They learn to appreciate and clap for their classmates and take a bow for a job well done. Dance class may be the first introduction to these skills for many young dancers. Group socialisation skills are reinforced and practiced in a safe and fun environment.  Your child may make lifelong friendships in that dance class, or they may find relationships they’ll at least lean on until they are out of school and on with the next phase of their lives. Either way, they can meet people who share their interests.

Dance gets young bodies moving.

Children love to move! Many toddlers are dancing long before they can talk. Dance class provides a safe and fun environment where it is okay to get the energy out. Dancers can stomp their feet like elephants and flap their wings like beautiful birds. Dance class also introduces and reinforces age-appropriate gross motor skills like hopping, jumping, galloping and skipping. These skills are important for coordination and balance. Plus they are lots of fun! Our bodies were designed to move and movement brings feelings of freedom and joy. No one knows this better than a preschooler. We know that dance class teaches behavioral, social, emotional and fitness skills… but to our youngest dancers, it is just plain fun!

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