The Great Benefits of All Star Cheerleading.

Cheerleading for adults and child athletes is an awesome, demanding and serious sport. And, like any sport, it requires endurance, flexibility, teamwork, and commitment. And those who practice cheerleading reap many health benefits.

Benefits include:

Physical Endurance and Health

Physical endurance and health, because it is a fun exercise that can be practiced several times a week, and with this frequency comes improved stamina, flexibility, balance, appetite, sleep and a stronger immune system.  Of course, it strengthens the muscular, circulatory as well as the skeletal systems while increasing lung capacity, heart, kidney and liver health. As a physical endurance sport, it practically affects the entire body. Aligned to this is the building of basic health:  Core, muscular and inner body strength.  Certain cheerleading positions when practiced help to make this happen. Breathing is also improved because of the cheering and yelling that comes with the exercise.  Some cheerleading exercises require lifting their cheerleading mates, doing aerobics exercises, and even stunts that improve concentration and willpower.

Self Esteem

Self-Esteem naturally increases in a child who sees people applauding and appreciating her moves.  Self-esteem pushes them to improve and to learn more tricks. Cartwheels, round-offs, somersaults, rolls and other tumbling moves display their flexibility, strength and power. In addition, these skills help them build a well-coordinated, well balanced and healthy body. They also learn stretching as part of their routine which is a valuable skill in preparing the muscles for exercise and for cooling down after.  Their teammates will make them feel that they are “in” and accepted at school. Cheerleading will help them become a part of a group that is looked up to by other kids, and membership will make them popular.  This inspires others to follow their example.  Thus, overall their confidence is increased.

Confidence and Leadership Skills

Confidence in an athlete leads to leadership skills.  Gaining skills as a cheerleader naturally develops their leadership skills because they learn teamwork. Giving advice to their teammates becomes second nature to them. Athletes realize how a positive mood can enhance and lighten up a practice session.  Their friends will also start looking up to them as a role model. They also sees why they need to keep improving and not just for the physical and social benefits but because teamwork instills discipline and other core values like patience, determination, will power, persistence and inner strength.

As they go deeper into the sport of cheerleading, they also improve their performance skills and presentation skills. This helps them become a well-rounded adult, who is able to contribute to society and become a good role to people who are younger than they are.

If you think cheerleading might be for you or your child have a look around the Signature All Starz website on some more information on our fundamentals, prep and elite Cheerleading classes for for athletes to come and try.

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