These lively and entertaining activities keep your child wanting more every lesson. The Twinklestars pre school programs are energetic and informative cheerleading, circus, tumbling & dance programs for the youngest recruits. It focuses on new skills that focus on fine and gross motor skills for your little ones.

The Twinklestars program is for children aged 2 – 5 years. It’s a skills and games based program that the children will love and want to keep coming back for more. Class sessions are 45 minutes (enough time to learn some new things each week, not too long that they lose their attention span.) Programs run each semester but children can start the program at any time throughout the program.

Twinklestars athletes get to experiment with all sorts of different equipment including ballet bars, ribbons, hoops, tumbling and balancing equipment all in a fun and exciting way to help to teach them to work on their gross and fine motor skills which they can take out into their everyday lives.

As a parent you understand that there are lots of options available for kids sports these days. If you’re looking for one that will be energetic, fun, friendly, and give the little ones something they can and will want to take with them for the rest of the week then click here to see which classes are available.

If you’re child isn’t within this age bracket don’t stress there are other programs for older athletes as well.

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