They’re fun, excitable, full of energy and are all about doing the things that they love. If this sounds like your child then congratulations on having a young child in the stardust age group. The Stardust program is for athletes aged 5 – 8 years. They are all about exploring, so don’t be surprised if they want to try everything.

As a parent you understand not all athletes are fun, excitable and full of energy, some are quiet, can be nervous especially around new people but from experience what you will find is even those athletes who start off quiet get involved in cheerleading, dance and circus soon come out of their shells and their confidence grows exponentially. If you think your child may enjoy cheerleading, dance or circus click here to see which classes are available.

If you’re child isn’t within this age bracket don’t stress there are other programs for younger and older athletes as well.

Ready to register for classes, click here to go to our registration / login page.

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