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What is All Star Dance? Lets find out.

At Signature All Starz we have everything to make your dance dreams come to life. Recreational classes, performances, competitions, exams, costumes and more. Now before you dive into what All Star Dance is everyone starts at the beginning so if All Star doesn’t sound like your cup of tea be sure to check out the fundamentals program.

All Star Dancers are groups of performers come together in competition to achieve greatness!

All Star dance is a competition sport that involves females and males performing a 2-4 minute routine in the styles of jazz, hip-hop, pom, lyrical/contemporary, high kicks, classical ballet and tap. These routines include dance technique, synchronization, uniformity, staging, visuals, communication and crowd appeal. The routines are performed in front of a judging panel. Performances are scored against other competitive teams at various local, regional, national, and worldwide competitions.

All Star dancers are trained to get their bodies to peak physical fitness and to execute impeccable technique, while also learning important “life lessons” of respecting others and themselves, dedication to the team and training, self-confidence and self awareness, good sportsmanship, commitment and most importantly teamwork.

At Signature All Starz students are trained in the Australian Teachers of Dancing Syllabus and whether you choose to be Recreational or All-Star everyone works their way up the same levels with the option of taking formal assessment each year.

All Star Dance teams typically consist of 4 or more dancers and range from 5 to adult age. Most of these well-rounded dancers can perform two or more dance styles within the competitive sport.

At competitions, teams are divided by age category and ability. Routines are judged on execution of form, alignment, strength, control and technique, synchronisation, uniformity, clean spacing and transitions, creative and age-appropriate family-friendly choreography, difficulty, crowd appeal. Judging panels are composed of industry trained and experienced professionals who are not only from the Australian but all over the world.

Competitions are the focus point where all the teams’ hard work is put to the test.

If you think All Star Dance might be something for you or your child feel free to have a look around or message us to find out more information about our fundamental (non competitive), or competitive programs.

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