11 years to 15 years

Constellation Athletes are in the 11 years to 15 years age bracket. The big focus on athletes in this age group is skill-building, conditioning and team bonding. At this age, they are looking for peers that they can build great teamwork and lifelong friendships with. Below are the programs in which athletes in this age group can take part in. Have a look through and if you think one of the programs below might suit your athletes then feel free to connect with us, and we will be glad to help you out in any way we can.



The Fundamentals Cheerleading Program at Signature All Starz has been custom designed by experienced  SAS staff as an introduction into the wonderful world of All-Star Cheerleading. This program consists of a recurring eight-week training program that is aimed at teaching all the foundation skills, drills and techniques of All-Star Cheerleading. This program is specifically tailored to beginners and anyone who would like to participate in the program on a recreational level without the stress and commitment of competitions.

Once an athlete has completed the eight-week Fundamentals Program, they may be eligible to graduate up into our CheerStars Program and if you are looking for a bit more you are welcome to come and try out for an All-Star competition team in December each year. Some athletes may find it beneficial to participate in the fundamentals program more than once before moving into the CheerStars or Elite programs.



The CheerStars program is the entry-level program into Competitive Cheerleading. It contains basic level Cheerleading training within a team setting and allows athletes to work at their own pace. The CheerStars program allows athletes to get used to the idea of performing in front of a crowd while working through the 6 Grades of the program. CheerStars is excellent for beginner athletes or athletes fresh out of the fundamentals program as it introduces them into the world of competitive cheerleading on a smaller scale.

Athletes in the CheerStars program will train 1.5 hours per week and will receive a training uniform, perform in the annual SAS Showoff`s and Showcase and at 1-2 Melbourne based events. There are no tryouts or team placements for CheerStars. When an athlete is ready to move into more serious competitive training, they may try out for the Stardust Elite Program in December each year.

Constellations Elite


The Constellation Elite Cheerleading program is for dedicated and committed Cheerleaders. Athletes in this program will work elite skillsets within the eight competitive levels of All-Star Cheerleading. This program sees the athletes working as a team to put together a 2 minute 30-second routine, which they perform in front of a panel of judges, family and other spectators.

Athletes will train as a team two days each week for 1.5-2 hours each session depending on the team level. Athletes will get a training uniform, competition uniform. They will compete at 3 – 4 competitions annually along with participating in the annual SAS Showoffs and Showcase.

dance 2



The Constellation Dance Fundamentals program has been designed by fully qualified, experienced and dedicated SAS staff as a progressional instruction of Dance. The styles available at the Nebula level include Ballet, Jazz/Funk, lyrical/ contemporary, Tap, Poms and Hip Hop. Dancers will learn skills and techniques for their chosen styles in a fun and supportive environment. This program is a great stepping stone for experienced and beginner dancers alike to join the competitive program.

Dancers will get to perform at public performances, SAS show-offs and SAS showcases.

Dancers may elect to participate in formal assessments annually in Ballet, Contemporary Jazz. Tap or Hip Hop. To learn more about optional assessments, please click here.



The Constellation DanceStars program has been tailored for the dancer that is looking for more performance opportunities. This is an excellent program for those who have been doing fundamentals programs and are looking for something a little more competitive, or for those who have previously performed in dance competitions. All dancers in the DanceStars program will have to enroll in Dance Fundamentals classes for technical skill development.

Dancers will train 1.5- 2 hours per week per genre. They will be involved in public performances, SAS showoffs and SAS showcase and competitions.

Constellation Elite


The Constellation Elite Dance teams are for the more committed dancer. Dancers in this program work on an extensive range of skills and technique as well as performances for competitions. All dancers doing Constellation Elite Dance teams will be expected to take Dance Fundamentals classes to develop a sound technique for their performances. Dancers will perform at all public performances and SAS showoffs, SAS showcases and Competitions. This level will also allow athletes to perform in duos and solo performances.

Training is for 2-3 hours per week per genre and teams will perform in 4 -5 competitions plus performances throughout the year.

We acknowledge that Signature All Starz is operating on Dja Dja Wurrung, Taungurung and Wurundjeri countries. We want to acknowledge that we are gathering on the land of the Kulin Nations People. We would like to pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging and any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander People.

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