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Do you want to be a SAS Cheerleader?

What is All Star Cheer? That’s the big question, I mean that’s why you’re here right, to find out what it’s all about. Now before we begin All Star is great but everyone needs to start at the beginning which is why we have our non competitive fundamentals program for beginners to get started in cheerleading. Once you read and learn about All Star if you are brand new to cheer click through to our programs page to learn where and how to get started.

The short version of it is that All Star Cheerleading is where a group of competitive athletes go out and compete on a sprung floor in front of a group of judges, family, friends and other spectators. Where they complete a 2 minute 30 second routine in which they will flip, roll, jump, stunt, and dance. With just one chance to show everyone just what they have as a team and to compete against other competitive all star teams.

That’s the short version. Consider it the cover to the book that’s really inside. Behind this routine (the story of it all) you have these athletes that practice tirelessly for something they love because they know when they get to compete they want their routine to be the best it can be.

If you want to find an All Star Cheerleader the best place to start will be at their studio or gym. This is where all the magic you see on competition day happens. Here they work on their conditioning (the thing that will help them get stronger, fitter and enable them to get through the full routine). They will work on their tumbling skills so they are able to flip around and give not only the judges but the crowd a show and something for them to remember. They work on their stunting where a group of athletes will lift one of the athletes into the air where that single athlete will perform gravity defying twists and motions with fearlessness. They work on performing sets of jumps which combined together with the other sections of any routine are enough to amaze spectators and if this is not enough they will also spend time working together on a dance routine which would compete with many a dance troupe as well. Among all this they still find time to make friends, see family, go to school, do homework, go to work and do their chores and much more in their daily routine.

I feel like it sounds really serious and to a point it is, but ultimately it’s all about having fun. The reason these athletes work as hard as they do is because they love it. They love the lifelong friends they make, the competitive nature, the all inclusiveness of the sport, the self improvement, and the work ethic (especially learning to be SASSY) that they know it takes to ultimately put out the best routine that they and their teammates can perform.

Ask any cheerleader and they will tell you “It’s all worth it just to get to go out and perform”.

Once the routine has finished and the book is closed you get to see the back cover the recall by the athletes on the way home from a competition, the tiredness from the weekends outing and an athlete that just can’t wait to get back into that studio or gym so they can start preparing for the next time they get to hit the competition floor.

If you think All Star Cheerleading might be something for you or your child feel free to have a look around or message us to find out more information about our fundamental (non competitive), or competitive programs.

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