cheerleading and dance

Welcome to the club, a place where children of all age’s shapes and sizes learn to dance, cheer and perform. SAS recruits are encouraged to use their creativity, individuality and self-expression throughout their cheer and dance journey. Recruits experience a positive, supportive and confidence - building environment throughout their development. Eachathlete and performer is nurtured and given the opportunity to develop their own unique talent, celebrate their achievements, gain inspiration as well as a love and appreciation of all things dance and cheerleading related. Recruits experience a safe emotional and physical environment in which all children and young adults feel empowered and comfortable to express themselves and explore their unlimited and ever expanding potential. It’s time to start your journey into the wonderful SAS Universe. The sky is not the limit the universe is.



Make your dance dreams come to life

Dance your heart out with classes at Signature All Starz. Whether your looking to become a serious dancer that wants to dance overseas or looking to participate in something more recreational and less serious, Signature All Starz has a range of dance classes that will allow you to get the best out of yourself. Dance classes are great for gaining strength, technique, working on gross and fine motor skills, gaining self confidence and social skills and are a great activity for being able to enjoy yourself. If you want to know more about our classes click the button below or give us a call by jumping on our contact page and giving a call or email.


Stay in Touch

Take a look around, and if you have any questions or queries, feel free to send Signature All Starz a message via the contact page. Please Include Your Name, Childs Name and details about any questions you may have.

Signature All Starz team.

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